French-German Youth Friendship MatchBearbeiten

Hwang in-seong

Hwang In-seong will comment the games life on KGS!

On Sunday, June 23rd at 4:30pm the match between the French and German Youth teams took place. In each country three players of the age categories U11, U15 and U18 were nominated (based on the results of the previous national Youth championships or EGF rating.)   

After long and exciting games the result was:


We congratulate the French team for their victory! 

Information: Hwang Inseong (number one in Europe!) had made live comments on some games: This can be watched here!


        Deutschland                      Frankreich
1	Oliver Wolf (4d)	sinsai    Tanguy Le Calve (5d)    Welvang   0-1
2	Jonas Welticke (4d)	iryumika  Benjamin Chetioui (2d) bensenseii 1-0
3	Martin Ruzicka (1k)	martin97  Thibaud Naegele (1k)    catass    0-1
1	Chafiq Bantla (2k)	gosei     Ariane Ougier (2k)      vermouth  0-1
2	Yu-Kai Law (4k) 	jjki      Guillaume Ougier (2k)	  gosushi3  0-1
3	Johannes Walka (4k)	joh13     Angelino Moccelin (2k)  angelino  0-1
1	Arved Pittner (5k)	gopard	  Isaac Scribe (3k)	  isaac7    1-0
2	Emanuel Schaaf (5k)	jinvasion Tudual Durand (15k)	  tudual    1-0
3	Max Herwig (14k)	ryt       Noa André (20k)	 naruto94Ca 1-0

Ersatzspieler:	Angelika Rieger	(U11)	  Sylvain Bousquet (U15)

German teamBearbeiten

The German team consists of the following nine players (with their KGS nick names):

1. Oliver Wolf sinsai
2. Jonas Welticke iryumika
3. Martin Ruzicka martin97
1. Chafiq Bantla gosei
2. Yu-Kai Law jjki
3. Johannes Walka joh13
1. Arved Pittner gopard
2. Emanuel Schaaf jinvasion
3. Max Herwig ryt
Reserve U11: Angelika Rieger

Board 1+2 in the U18 has been determined in a play-off game on KGS: After a tough fight where Jonas came already at half of the game into byoyomi while Oliver still had have his main time left, Oliver could win a decisive ko battle, so that finally Jonas had to resign. Oliver will therefore play on the first board for Germany, Jonas on the second.

French teamBearbeiten

The French team consists of the following nine players (with their KGS nick names):

1. Tanguy Le Calve Welvang
2. Benjamin Chetioui bensenseii
3. Thibaud Naegele catass
1. Ariane Ougier vermouth
2. Guillaume Ougier gosushi3
3. Angelino Moccelin angelino
Res Sylvain


1. Isaac Scribe isaac7
2. Tudual Durand tudual
3. Noa André naruto94Ca
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